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Near Field Communication Technology for Business

1 Introduction
Near field communication business is the new type operation of the mobile communication field, which has combined the near field communication technology and mobile communication technology meanwhile has realized varieties of function, such as electronic payment, identification certificate, ticket business, data exchange, anti-counterfeiting, advertising. It has changed the way that users make use of the mobile phone,made the consume behavior tend towards electronic, built a new-style user consumption and business module.

2 business character
Based on RFID technology, near field communication has been developed into the close quarters wireless communication technology. Like RFID, the near field information has been transferred through the  way of electron-magnetism induction coupling which is part of wireless frequency, but there is still a prodigious difference between the two. The transfer range of near field communication is smaller than that of  RFID, for the transfer of RFID can reach 1~2m. As special signal attenuation technology has been adopted, and compared with RFID, near field communication has been privileged with low cost, high bandwidth, low energy consumption .RFID mainly applies in production.logistics.tracking.asset management, while near field communication takes the main role in door access.public transportation and cell phone payment.
The main character is below:

(1)wireless communication technology of close quarters(within 10cm)
(2)radio frequency:13.56MHZ

(3)radio compatible: ISO 14443, ISO 15693, Felica Standard
(4)data transfer velocity: 106kbit/s,212 kbit/s,424kbit/s
From above character, mainly based on 13.56MHZ radio frequency, for near field communication technology,typical operation distance would be a few centimeters, the running distance range would be within 10cm, data transfer speed can choose 106kbit/s,212kbit/s or 424kbit/s which can be improved to 1Mbit/s or so.

The standard of near field communication technology is constituted by Nokia,Philips and Sony.  Under the frame of ISO 18092,ECMA 340 and ETSI TS 102 190, it can propel standardization .Meanwhile, it can widely apply to the basic frame of standard contactless smartcard which containing SO 14443 Type-A,B and Felica. The standard of near field communication technology prescribes the equipments’ modulate project, coding, transfer race and the frame of RF. The norm regulates the initialization project and condition of data collision
control in the process of  initiative and passive communication mode initializes. Additionally it also defines the transport protocols which including start-up protocol and data exchange.
Near field communication business supports three kinds of work patterns.’

3.1 card simulation mode
Removable platform can be simulated into a piece of common contactless card, such as mobile payment, mobile ticket business, identity recognization and so on.

Example in application: contactless platform is simulated to bank card, door access card, electronic card, it can exchange with the other terminal.

3.2 Reader pattern
Mobile platform can reader the content of a piece of contactless card or a piece of contactless tag, for example dummy tag,advertisements.
Example in application: as the application in electronic poster, contactless mobile platform exchange with contactless module which is embedded in the poster, and then mobile platform can initiatively read card or the responding date in the tag.

3.3 Point to point communication mode

The two platforms can directly transfer data to each other in a short distance, such as synchronous calendar, game, share of transfer content and so on.

Example in application: the two contactless mobile platforms send mutually or synchronous data, such as picture, music, bell.
Near field communication can support  varieties  business in application and fulfil the function of card simulation, reader, point to point communication. Combining the near field technology with the system of data honeycomb mobile communication, cooperating with kinds of equipment systems, the near field communication business supports function of  card management, application download, application

management ,key management, certificates management. It can realize the application of deliver card in the air, fill value in the air, small quota payment under net, identity recognize, read tag and exchange information.

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