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Contactless RFID system can be identified by all kinds of animal, including, offering a safe and convenient solution plan.
Looking on management application in livestock, two main problems need to be solved. First, the trail of livestock and flesh must be from fostering livestock to selling in the supermarket, thereinto containing all of the import and export activities. The importance of trail is mainly for the outstanding outbreak of mad cow disease during recent years. Second, automatic system for feeding area and slaughterhouse, taking
the feeding house a example, feeder need to know frequency of cow to the feeding house. If the time to the feeding house is decrease , which maybe one of the symptom the cow is ailing .
As pet for example ,installing chip into the pet mostly is used for distinguishing from the lost animals. When you glimpse at a stray dog, you can not judge whether it is a real tramp dog, maybe it belong to someone but temporarily exploring out from home. Generally chaplet of the pet can be fallen off, but installed RFID Transponder can not be lost.
In contest of pigeon, electronic loop is used from preventing cheat. In order to do this, tag must be encrypted. So encrypt is the important key of the market.


For tracking livestock, these animals usually can not rest on one beachhead ,they will remove from all around which shows that reader equipment for different companies may collect data from the same animal transponder. So standardization of transponder protocol is rather important, and every reader must read the data which is measured up to the standard of  the transponder. The standard of ISO11784/85 is
universal. It offered transponder  the read only protocol for the special data, these data were stored in the center database for all the animal data.
As the application demand getting complex ,users are in the hope of reading animal data directly from transponder not database. For example, inoculate data can be directly accessed in the label by ISO 14223, which indicating that by simple.validated and low cost solutions, data of every animal can be acquired in the offline situation and then it can improve stock tracking and propel control of global import and export. With the strobe reading set which is tallied with IS014223, livestock can be recognized automatically. With the characteristic of anti-disturbing, there is still no problem in identification even the quantity of live stock is enormous. Additionally ,it can be compatible with the present standard and bought into the ISO 11784/85 standard.  ISO 11223/1 does not contain gather of dictate, only defines to connect to the mainly interface parameter of read and write equipment hardware, such as type of program and type of modulation.
ISO 14223/2 is being developed by the ISO work team, which is closely related to the software of read and write equipment and actual gather of dictate.


NXP’s transponder chip of semiconductor HITAG 2and HITAG S completely tally with animal identified standard ISO11784/85 and ISO 14223-1. Additive function is consist of encrypt identification and many tags operation. advantage Safe animal identification Several animals can be detected simultaneously in one antenna.
By additional storage store offline data
With ISO animal  assigning numbers to( once read in function), bring in quick transportation and smooth planning and management
processor to  produce transponder
Best read-write work range.

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