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Nowadays most physical door access control system is based on certain medium, such as magcard, code and contactless card. These mediums are safe hidden trouble, for others can enter once getting it. By the biology identified technic SAGAM fingerprint identified system can automatically recognize personal information and effectively eliminate the safe hidden trouble.
With low-cost and small modification , SAGAM MorphoAccess MEMS can offer the possibility of biology identified solution which is integrated in to physical door access control system. MEMS can work with all types of creature identified terminal MorphoAccess. MorphoAccess?  terminal can offer standard communication interface, compatible with present door access control system: Wiegand data clock, RS232 ,RS422 or TCP/IP.
MEMS controls all that connected to MEMS MorphoAccess?  terminal , creates report about  personnel in and out and makes the database of MorphoAccess? and center database synchronization.
MEMS can choose frame based on client end /server and centralize database management and distribute register process to the client end.

The main characteristic of MEMS.
Benefit from MorphoSmart? 100 USB fingerprint sensor, print register can be done locally and long-distance.
Database: Access or SQL server of Micro Software
Way of client machine/server can be used in SQL server.
Administrator and operator’s limits of authority management.
Time-zone management
Terminal management of ?MorphoAccess
Synchronize database
Log searching
Log including:
Personnel in and out: personnel information, date and time
Attendance checking management
Multi terminal management
Report creating
Biology identified characteristic
Based on image quality and finger orientation, timely control during the register process.
As every fingerprint would be gathered for three times, the register process could be more stable and reliable.
Follow request of safety rank, FAR( failure analysis report) can be adjusted.
To avoid personnel register more, repeat search (active MorphoKit? matching machine) must be done during register process based on personnel identity information.
Portrait collection
MorphoPak? allow portrait collection by standard network vidicon  and digital camera
Speciality of smart card
Individuation: MEMS supports all kinds of printers
Encrypt: MIFARE contactless mart card can store personnel creature information, allowing 1:1 certificated.

Technical parameter
System requirement
Pentium II 500MHZ,128MB RAM
Micro Soft, Windows ,2000SP2 or XP OS
SQL server(client end or server mode)
software package
standard configuration
active MorphoKit? register
active MorphoKit  command interface
selected configuration
active MorphoKit matching machine(1:1,1:3,000 or 1:20,000)
Active encrypt contactless card
Terminal qualified
MAx2x integrated contactless reader
MA3xx maximum database can hold 48000 persons
MA2xx maximum database can hold 800 persons

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